Sidewalk Projects (PMMP)

The Town of Tewksbury Engineering Division has spent the past few years developing the Pedestrian Mobility Master Plan (PMMP). This is a plan to build more sidewalks along the town's streets to expand the town's sidewalk network and to improve the walkability of the town. The plan also involves improving intersections to be more pedestrian-friendly and improving existing sidewalks. This project has been largely founded on input from the community, which was gathered at the November 2018 Pedestrian Mobility workshop. For more information, view the PMMP List for the planned sidewalk projects (PDF) (in alphabetical order) and the Complete Streets Project Prioritization Plan (PDF) for a list of intersection and sidewalk improvement projects, in order of priority.

Map of the existing and proposed sidewalk network of Tewksbury

Map of existing sidewalk network and proposed future sidewalks. Click on the map for a higher-quality image.

On May 11, 2021, the Department of Public Works made a presentation to the Board of Selectmen on the PMMP. To view this presentation, go to our Sidewalk Presentation (May 11, 2021) page. To view the November 2017 PMMP presentation which outlined the purpose and goals of the Tewksbury Pedestrian Mobility Master Plan (PDF).