Transportation Projects

On-Going & Upcoming Projects

Roadway ResurfacingThe section of Shawsheen Street right before it intersects with Main Street, not long after being re

The Town of Tewksbury Public Works Engineering Division annually oversees the contract to pave/ resurface roads at various locations around town. The town along with an independent consultant has assessed every roadway in town and established a Roadway Management Plan. The roads are categorized by condition, traffic volume, and cost. Each year roadways are selected to be paved/resurfaced by these criteria.

See a list of our current roadway paving / resurfacing roads.

Roadway Crack Sealing

The Town of Tewksbury Public Works Engineering Division annually oversees the contract to crack seal roadways at various locations around town. The town uses the same assessments from the Roadway Management Plan to select roads that will benefit from crack sealing. The cracks on these roads are filled with hot liquid emulsion to prevent any further crack expansion, hence prolonging the pavement's usable life and improving the integrity of the roadway. This work is typically done in early spring or early fall when the cooler weather helps the emulsions set.

Intersection Improvements - Main Street, South Street, & Salem Road

The Main Street, South Street, and Salem Road Intersection Improvement Project involve a detailed analysis of three intersections in close proximity to each other in South Tewksbury. The project will focus on safety improvements for the Salem Road and South Street intersection. Improvements will provide accommodations for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. This project is currently ongoing.

Intersection Improvements - Andover Street (MA Route 133) at River Road

This project is based on adding programmed traffic signals to the intersection to improve the flow of vehicles. To improve the safety of non-automobile travelers, the project involves adding bike lanes, as well as ADA-compliant sidewalks, crosswalks, and ramps. The project also involves extending approach lanes, adding dedicated turn lanes, and realigning the street opening for Walgreens at 935 Andover Street to improve traffic flow.

View more information and updates for the Andover Street project.

Complete Streets Program

The Town of Tewksbury is a participant in The MassDOT's Complete Streets Funding Program, which awards funds to municipalities for projects which enhance multi-modal transportation throughout the town with accommodations for pedestrians, cyclists, disabled individuals, and motorists. The Town has passed a Complete Street Policy and developed a Prioritization Plan for relevant projects.

View our Complete Street Program page to learn more about the program.

Sidewalk Improvements

The DPW's Engineering Division has developed the Pedestrian Mobility Master Plan (PMMP), a roadmap for expanding and improving the town's sidewalk network. View information about the PMMP.