Permits & Applications

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If you require additional accommodations, please contact the Planning and Conservation Department directly at 978-640-4370. Kiosks are available in the lower level of Town Hall for online permit application submittals.

Any activity proposed within a wetland resource area or its buffer zone must be reviewed by the Conservation Commission and receive a permit for the work unless noted as an exempt activity in the Tewksbury Wetland Bylaw or State Wetlands Protection Act. Examples of wetland resource areas include - rivers, streams (perennial or intermittent), riverfront areas (land within 200 feet of a river or perennial stream), flood plains, vernal pools and freshwater wetlands like swamps and marshes. If you are unsure whether your property is within a wetland area or buffer zone, please contact the Conservation Agent.

Permit Applications

Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)-This application is generally meant for minor projects within the buffer zone that will have no impact on a wetland resource area. 

You can view an example of an RDA Application here: RDA Application - Example

You can view an annotated version of the RDA Application form (WPA Form 1) here: RDA Application - Annotated

Notice of Intent (NOI): This application is generally meant for projects involving significant work in the buffer zone or any work proposed within the wetland resource area.