Permits & Applications

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If you require additional accommodations, please contact the Planning and Conservation Department directly at 978-640-4370. Kiosks are available in the lower level of Town Hall for online permit application submittals.

Any activity proposed within a wetland resource area or its buffer zone must be reviewed by the Conservation Commission and receive a permit for the work unless noted as an exempt activity in the Tewksbury Wetland Bylaw or State Wetlands Protection Act. Examples of wetland resource areas include - rivers, streams (perennial or intermittent), riverfront areas (land within 200 feet of a river or perennial stream), flood plains, vernal pools and freshwater wetlands like swamps and marshes. If you are unsure whether your property is within a wetland area or buffer zone, please contact the Conservation Agent.

Permit Applications

The three types of permit applications that are filed with the Conservation Commission are described below:

Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA): This application is generally meant for minor projects within the buffer zone that will have no impact on a wetland resource area. 

Notice of Intent (NOI): This application is generally meant for projects involving significant work in the buffer zone or any work proposed within the wetland resource area. 

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD): This application is generally filed to have the Conservation Commission confirm the boundaries of various wetland resource areas (e.g., bordering vegetated wetlands, Bank of a stream, etc.) within a project site. ANRAD applications do not propose any construction activities; however, the application can indicate whether the ANRAD being filed is associated with a single-family home.

Wondering Whether You Should File an RDA or an NOI?

Applicants seeking to permit their proposed work in a Conservation Commission jurisdictional area are sometimes faced with the question of whether it is more appropriate to file an RDA or an NOI application. The following document has been created to help applicants break down the advantages and disadvantages of filing each type of application: RDA vs. NOI.