Do Not Knock Registry

Residents may add their name to the Do Not Knock List by completing our on-line webform application below or by obtaining a paper copy at the Town Clerk’s Office and submitting it to:

Mailed or Hand Delivered:  Town Clerk, 1009 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876
Faxed:  978-851-8610
or Emailed:

Town of Tewksbury General Bylaw - Article III.  Solicitors and Canvassers: 
"When a solicitor receives a license, the solicitor will be given a list of resident addresses they cannot solicit. If a business does solicit a residence on the Do Not Knock List, the solicitor will be fined and will not be allowed to solicit any homes in Tewksbury for a period of one year."

Note: Members of religious groups, political or political action groups who appear at a residence for those purposes are exempt from this restriction.

For more information on the Do Not Knock List or the Solicitors and Canvassers Bylaw, please reference Article III. Solicitors and Canvassers section of the Town of Tewksbury Bylaws.

In the future, if you have requested to be on the Registry and wish to be removed, please contact the Town Clerk at

Do Not Knock Registry

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