Budget Summary

Budget Summary (PDF)

Budget Line Items (PDF)

Projected Recap (PDF)

General Government 

Moderator (PDF)

Board of Selectmen (PDF)

Town Manager (PDF)

Finance Committee (PDF)

Town Counsel (PDF)

Human Resources  (PDF)

Town Clerk (PDF)

Elections and Town Meetings (PDF)

Board of Registrars (PDF)

Computer Services (PDF)

Finance Department

Accounting (PDF)

Assessors (PDF)

Treasurer/Collector (PDF)

Community Services 

Veteran's Services (PDF)

Community Events (PDF)

Telemedia Department Narrative (PDF)

Telemedia Department (PDF)

Council on Aging

Council on Aging (PDF)


Facilities and Grounds (PDF)

Town Hall (PDF)


Library (PDF)

Planning & Development

Community Development (PDF)

Building Department (PDF)

Board of Health (PDF)

Public Safety 

Police (PDF)

Fire (PDF)

Parking Clerk (PDF)

Northern Middlesex Regional Emergency Communications Center (NMRECC) Finance Committee Presentation (PDF)

Northern Middlesex Regional Emergency Communications Center (NMRECC) Budget Narrative (PDF)

Northern Middlesex Regional Emergency Communications Center (NMRECC) Budget (PDF)

School Departments

School Departments (PDF)

School Budget by Departments/Locations

School Summary

School - Letter to the Town Manager

School Budget By DESE Code

Shawsheen Valley Technical High School (PDF)

Department of Public Works 

DPW Administration (PDF)

Engineering (PDF)

Highway (PDF)

Forestry (PDF)

Fleet Inventory (PDF)

Fleet Maintenance (PDF)

Snow/Ice (PDF)

Street Lights (PDF)

Solid Waste Disposal (PDF)

Stormwater (PDF)


Water Distribution  Budget (PDF)

Water Filtration Budget (PDF)

Sewer Budget (PDF)


Town Manager Unclassified (PDF)

Treasurer Unclassified (PDF)


Enterprise Allocations

Essex Aggie Invoice

Water, Sewer, and CIP Presentation (PDF)

Capital Improvement Plan and Budget FY23-FY27