Tewksbury Senior Center Transportation

  1. Costs
  2. Friday Market Basket Trip
  3. Long Distance Medical Appointments:

In-Town Rides:

In-Town Errands/Medical Appointments
Available Monday through Thursday. $2 each way
Friday Market Basket Trip
(see tab for more information)

Out of Town Rides:

Out of Town Medical Appointments
Available certain days, $3 each way
Tuesdays: Lowell
Wednesdays: Chelmsford
Wilmington and Lahey Clinic in Burlington as availability allows

Please note:
Transportation service is “curb-to-curb”, meaning riders must be mobile and have the ability to walk/propel to the van when parked street-side. The driver cannot offer “hands-on” assistance, however, a personal assistant may accompany a rider should they require help. Companions ride free of charge. Please be advised that 3 incidents (such as last-minute cancellations without sufficient notice) will result in termination of transportation privileges.