Handicap Parking

Temporary Handicapped Parking Placard / Permit

Any motor vehicle bearing a handicapped Parking Permit, a Temporary Handicapped Parking Placard/Permit, or a motor vehicle Registration Plate designating the vehicle as one used by a handicapped person, shall be authorized to park in a designated handicapped parking space.

The Town Clerk's Office no longer issues Temporary Handicapped Parking Placards/Permits. Anyone wishing to apply for a Temporary Handicap Placard needs to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Additional Information

  • The Police Department may issue a $100 violation notice for not displaying the handicap placard.
  • There is no temporary parking in the Fire Lane. That area is purposely reserved for emergency vehicles. The Fire Lane is designated on the outside perimeter of the building.
  • The parking spaces closest to the building entrance are reserved for handicap placard/plate parking.