Catch Basin Repair / Cleaning

Catch Basin / Drain Manhole Repair

Involves adjusting and repairing existing drainage structures throughout the Town of Tewksbury. There are over 3,300 catch basins in town. If you notice damage to a catch basin, please notify the Department of Public Works calling 978-640-4440.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basin cleaning in Tewksbury includes the removal of trash and sediments collected in the sump using a clamshell bucket or a vactor truck. It is important to maintain catch basins to prevent blockages and minimize the number of pollutants entering the storm drain systems which may eventually discharge into local streams and waterways. Clogged catch basins can result in the ponding of water along streets and parking lots causing a nuisance to motorists, pedestrians, and businesses.

Please remember: when walking your pet, all waste should be picked up and disposed of properly. Anything that is drained into a catch basin, including dog waste or other hazardous materials, will go directly to the wetland areas and streams. This will adversely affect the wildlife, vegetation, and potentially the Town's drinking water.