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If you no longer own the vehicle you received an excise tax bill for or have registered the vehicle out of state, you may be entitled to a motor vehicle excise abatement.  The Assessor’s Office accepts online Motor Vehicle Abatement Applications.  Please visit our Online Submission – Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement Application page to apply.  Once you select the reason you are applying, you will be guided through the required abatement documentation. 

The bill must be paid on time as applying for an abatement does not stay the collection of excise tax.  If your abatement is approved after the bill is paid, you will receive a refund. 

If the bill is not paid by the due date, interest and fees will accrue.

For more information on excise tax and excise tax abatements please visit our Excise Tax Information webpage.

If you have any questions, please call the Assessor’s Office at 978-640-4330.

Mission StatementTown Hall Annex

The Assessor's Office is committed to serving the citizens of Tewksbury by fairly and equitably assessing property, setting the levies based on those values, administering tax relief programs, as well as maintaining all property tax related records, and ensuring public access to those records. It is also our commitment to accomplish these mandated responsibilities in a courteous, efficient and clear manner.

Overview of the Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Department operates under the authority of the Department of Revenue. It has a full-time Chief Assessor, an office staff and a board that includes the Chief Assessor and two appointed members that serve on a part-time basis. The Board of Assessors is responsible for administering Massachusetts property tax laws equitably by estimating the fair market value of all real and personal property in Tewksbury. The office is responsible for adhering to strict certification requirements of the Department of Revenue.

Real Estate Taxes

The Board of Assessors is responsible for the calculation of the annual tax rate necessary to raise the tax dollars, in accordance with Proposition 2 ½, to fund the Town's annual operating budget. Rates are expressed in per thousand dollars of assessed value.

Treasurer/Collector's Office

For information on taxes and payments, visit the Treasurer/Collector's Office page.