Substance Use Prevention & Education

Front Line Initiative Recovery Through ServiceThe Front Line Initiative Prevention Division focuses on three types of prevention activities: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention can refer to interventions that occur before the onset of health effects. Secondary prevention, known as early intervention, refers to interventions that identify diseases at the earliest stages, this could include screening. Tertiary prevention refers to the management of a disease post-diagnosis to stop or slow the disease.

The Front Line Initiative along with our regional partners is actively participating in prevention interventions across all three categories as an important part of our Trauma-Informed, Recovery System of Care (TI-ROSC). We hope the links below help provide valuable information and resources to help begin a conversation. If you are in need of additional resources please reach out to our Prevention Director Maria Ruggiero.

Additional Resources

Prevention and Education Resources: curriculum for all ages!

Addiction is Not a Choice. It's a Disease. #StateWithoutStigMA