Firearms Licensing

License to Carry (LTC) / Firearms ID (FID) Application Checklist

During the declared State of Emergency the following is in effect:

Firearms Licensing or Other Permits

Applicants for Renewals and First Issues can download the LTC/FID Application Form (PDF) or from the website and then email the completed application or send via U.S. Mail, attention of Jo-Ann Harris. Receipts will be mailed to applicants. The preferred format is to scan the entire application packet (application and supporting docs) as one PDF file. If you cannot scan the entire file to a pdf then please mail in the application.

Firearms applicants, please do not enclose fee when sending the application. The fee will be collected once in person appointments are available.

Contact the Firearms Licensing Officer

Please contact Lieutenant Patrick Harrington by email with any questions, or call 978-851-7373, ext. 230.

  1. Before You Apply
  2. Application Packet
  3. After You Apply

Before applying for your firearms license, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a United States Citizen or provide proof of Naturalization.
  2. Must be a Tewksbury resident or business owner in Tewksbury. You must provide proof of residency as well as proof that you own the business.
  3. For a License to Carry (LTC), you must meet eligibility requirements as defined by MGL Chapter 140, Section 131.
  4. For a Firearms Identification Card (FID), you must meet eligibility requirements as defined by MGL Chapter 140, Section 129B.
  5. The Licensing Authority may require other documentation as necessary.

You may obtain an application for the license you wish to apply for by visiting the MA Firearms Services page.