Basketball Hoop Bylaw

Part of the town By-Law 12.04.050 Placing obstruction on traveled Public Ways is prohibited

No persons other than an employee in the service of the Town or an employee in the service of an independent contractor acting for the Town shall place or cause to be placed any obstruction which include, but not be limited to, the depositing of snow, ice, or the pumping of water on any traveled public way or sidewalk so as to impede the flow of traffic; or hinder the snow plowing operation on such public way; or deposit snow near or on any fire hydrant so as to obstruct the access to the fire hydrant; or allow the same to remain there without first obtaining the consent in writing of the Superintendent of Public Works. All basketball hoops or other recreational equipment located on any right-of-way used by vehicular traffic shall be removed for the time period effective November 1st of each year until April 1st of the following year. The Police Department will be the sole enforcing agency of this By-Law.

Whoever violates this section shall be punished by a fine

First Offense Written Warning
Second Offense $50
Third Offense $100

An obstacle to our snow and ice operation is the basketball hoops that are placed in Town roads. These hoops are tough to see when it is snowing and are capable of snagging and damaging our snow plow trucks. In the event that this happens and damage is caused to the vehicle, the owner will be held responsible for the damage. Please take the time to remove the hoops as required by the Town By-Law during the winter months. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.